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New Site Coming Soon

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NewI took the site down over the weekend thinking that 1) I might start working on an update and 2) that I would have to make changes to the live files. Well I finally figured out how to install and use a development server on my home computer so I don't need to take the site offline except when I am uploading and replacing new files. My hope is to get the new site uploaded by Independence Day. If I'm not done by then, I will at least post another update. In case you are are wondering, the update will be to move from Drupal to Wordpress. Wordpress is just simpler to use, and easier to access on mobile devices and tablets. I plan on keeping a similar design, but with a new CMS. TTFN.

Change is a coming

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ChangeAs is obvious by the publish dates on this site I haven't been doing much with it recently. However, I am hoping to change that. On Facebook I would usually post one or two articles a day about something that I found interesting, humorous, that pissed me off, or a combination of the above. Well, I recently deleted my Facebook account and need an outlet for that. Since I have more followers on Twitter (where I will be promoting my posts) than I did on Facebook I figured would start posting the articles on my site. It will take a little more time, but at least I will still be able to share. These new items will be under the category of "News" vs most of my posts being under the term "Blog".

I will probably start posting a story or two each day next week. Hopefully I'll hit a nerve with someone and spark some discussion.