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New Site Update

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I has been almost 9 months since I posted about revising this site. I also realize I am about 8 months over-due on posting an update regarding that. Well, I ran in to some problems. Initially I was going to programatically transfer from Drupal to Wordpress, and I still could if it weren't for one of the decisions I made after making that post. I decided that I wanted to split this current site in two. This current site will be more autobiographic and resumé based. The new site will contain my blog, videos, pictures.

Because of the decision to split the site transferring posts from one domain to another became a little more daunting that I wanted to endeavor in. Since then I have been manually moving my content a few posts at a time. I haven't seriously undertaken this task for at least 4 months though. I hit the half-way point and just kind of wanted to take a break for a while. Previously I said I would complete the transition by US Independence Day. Maybe I will hit that milestone this year.

Update 12/30/2013: The new site is coming along. More than half of the content has been ported over. It is a work in progress, but a preview can be seen at

Great response from an artist about music piracy and my personal confession.

Anti-piracyI was doing my daily scanning of Fark when I came across a link to an article on The Consumerist about an NPR intern who has a collection of 11,000 songs she didn't pay for. Apparently this has caused quite an uproar considering she plans on eventually making a living in the music industry, but she doesn't feel that bad about what she has done even though she knows it was wrong. In the article The Consumerist links to a blog post on The Trichordist written by David Lowery, of the bands Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker. Being a casual fan of Cracker I clicked the link, and I was impressed with Lowery's well thought out response. Any summary I could provide would not be doing the article justice so I implore you to take the time the read his post.